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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. Congratulations on taking the opportunity to focus on self care and development. Our mission is to foster growth and self-discovery through the establishment of a healthy practice of self-care and grounding. As we recognize the connection is finding balance between mind, body and spirit; we understand that this is accomplished by having a strong foundation. For many of us, this foundation was not achieved in our early years. When we focus on connecting with that inner child and providing that nurturing and security, we can begin to move forward and ignite our creative energies.   

My name is Jessica W Bonds and I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 22 years of experience. I began my private practice in 2012, and this has proven to be the most rewarding challenge that I have encountered in my life. Listening to others and helping them to grow is one of my greatest joys. I strongly believe that achieving inner calmness, understanding and acceptance are all ways in which we can improve the quality of our lives. When you open yourself to self discovery, you bring about clarity and move towards personal growth. It is often helpful to have another set of eyes and ears to help us become aware of the things that we may not necessarily see or may not be willing to admit. These are some of the issues that I can help you explore and work towards change. 

My Approach

I employ an eclectic holistic approach in my practice as we focus on bringing about harmony from within. The importance of self care and understanding cannot be stressed enough. My goal is to assist you in trusting and listening to your inner voice to help bring about growth.  I employ multiple approaches tailored to each individual's needs to include evidenced based practices(CBT, Attachment based interventions,  solution focused interventions...etc) ,  meditation, art, writing, Reiki, Sound Therapy and Hypnosis. 

I also work with organizations and schools to provide services to assist in decreasing problematic behaviors and emotions while enhancing productivity and performance with my interactive Workplace Wellness Workshops. I have provided workshops to promote self-care, stress management and improved self expression using meditation, sound therapy and experiential activities.      

Allow me to assist you in navigating your journey to help you achieve a state of

enlightenment and fulfillment with no fear of judgment. Journey to your highest

heights and achieve/ complete the goals you set. Improve interpersonal and

social relationships. Begin a journey of self-acceptance. Do not put off the start

of this process any longer. Let us begin...






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