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Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment which allows the mind and body to enter into a deeply meditative state. This gives your subconscious an opportunity to be amplified and ready to listen. It is in this state of heightened awareness where change and revelations can occur. While you are in 100% control of your thoughts and actions; you are better able to get out of your own way and listen to the part of you that would like to change. It is a deeply relaxing process, that you may have already experienced in your daily life. It simply takes the focus away from what is going on around us and brings it keenly on what is within. Keeping in mind that no one can make you do things that you do not wish to do. You must inherently have a desire to change for this form of treatment to work. Hypnotherapy can help decrease the feelings of being "stuck", confused, depressed, anxious, unmotivated or frustrated.

How does it work? Through methods of talking, music, sound and the use of tuning forks, you are gently led to a deeply meditative state. At which time I will speak to your subconscious mind on issues that you have indicated that your would like to change or licit that information from you during the session. As previously mentioned, you will be aware and will only go as deep as you are comfortable. Following the session you may remember portions of what was said immediately or at a later time. You may also experience "Aha" moments.

How long does it take? The sessions last from 35-60 minutes. There are some instances where change can occur immediately; however, more often than not, multiple sessions will need to occur. 

Sessions are performed in person or remotely. 

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