"Do not judge yourself harshly.. Without mercy for oursellves we
cannot love the world" Jack Korrnfield

                    JESSICA W. BONDS LCSW-R

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Sound healing is the use of vibrations via different instruments/sounds to re-align and re-tune the body's systems. It is the realignment of the body's natural energies, which fuel the meridians and seven Chakras. This is a passive treatment where the recipient is either lying or sitting and allowing the mind to relax into a meditative state to allow the healing process to occur. When the body is out of alignment sometimes physical and emotional difficulties may occur. This form of healing is excellent for healing the mind/ body/spirit, while creating energy, clarity and fueling creativity.

Individual sessions are provided in the comfort of my office.  The patients are able to lie down or sit while the session is being performed. 

Group sessions known as Sound Baths are provided monthly at different locations.  Please see the workshop/ group list.