"Do not judge yourself harshly.. Without mercy for oursellves we
cannot love the world" Jack Korrnfield

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~Have you ever wondered what is making you so angry?  

~Do you ever question how your thoughts impact your response to certain events?  

~Have you ever felt lost or alone while in a crowd?  

~Do you feel misunderstood by those that are close to you?  

~Is your physical pain causing emotional pain or is your emotional pain causing your physical pain? 

~ Do you consider yourself unemotional and out of touch with your feelings? 

~Do you feel overworked and stressed?  

~Do you feel anxious or depressed and are unsure why? 

~Are you feelings overpowering and frightening? 

~Is your relationship in jeopardy? 

~Do you have a difficult time communicating? 

~Do you worry excessively or obsess over things?

~Are you a new parent struggling with managing all that is involved in parenting? 

~Are you currently going through fertility treatment or preparing to adopt a child?  

~Do you have a difficult time making decisions or moving forward? 

~Do you struggle with career choices?  

~Do you procrastinate and fail to complete tasks?   

As we go about our daily lives taking care of the necessities and needs of others, we often forget to care for ourselves.  We become so bogged down by the tasks of life that we do not take time to process what has occurred in the past or what is occurring presently.  This often leads to neglect that may manifest in negative ways.  When you open yourself to self discovery, you bring about clarity and move towards personal growth.  It is often helpful to have another set of eyes and ears to help us become aware of the things that we may not necessarily see or may not be willing to admit.

These are some of the issues that I can help you explore  and work towards change.  My name is Jessica W. Bonds, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 13 years of experience working with various populations on many diverse issues. 

Allow me to assist you in navigating your journey to help you achieve a state of enlightenment and fulfillment with no fear of judgment. Journey to your highest heights and achieve/ complete the goals you set. Improve interpersonal and social relationships. Begin a journey of self-acceptance.  Do not put off the start of this process any longer. Let us begin...


The beginning


The process


The Goal